Drew & Kara | Disneyland Engagement Session

The day after Drew proposed to his princess Kara, he ALSO planned a surprise engagement session for them!!! He just thinks of everything :) 

So the next morning, we all met up at the castle, and this time I could actually get to know Kara (and not just stalk her from afar! lol) 

To say these two are a blast is an understatement! We had so much fun, and I think their personalities really show in the pictures. They had to re enact their proposal for the mad hatter (which was one of my favorites parts of the day) and of course visit the Fun Wheel where it all happened the night before!! 

Thanks you two for being so awesome!!! 

Drew & Kara | Disneyland Proposal

So this one time, a few months ago, I got an email from someone with this extravagant proposal idea because he wanted to sweep his princess off her feet. That someone was Drew, and his princess is Kara. I knew right away I wanted to be involved in the surprise, because it was a whole bunch of things I love all wrapped into one.

Drew & Kara had a weekend planned full of Disney magic! Kara just didn’t know quite how much magic would be involved. 

After they spent the afternoon watching the Christmas parade, Drew snuck off to put the plan in motion. For the next couple hours, Kara was on a video scavenger hunt of sorts, and I was trying to be like a ninja (which is pretty tough on a holiday season weekend at the happiest place on earth) capturing all of her reactions. At each stop, one of their friends was there to greet her and join in on the adventure. And each stop was one of their favorite spots in the park. (awwwwwww!!!)

And then, when she arrived at her final stop on the journey (Mickey’s Fun Wheel) Drew surprised her and popped the question. Could these two be any cuter??? It was a magical day, and I was so happy to witness it all!

And be sure to check out their Youtube video of their proposal!!!


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