Shreya & Daniel | San Diego Proposal

I was so excited when Daniel reached out to me with his plans to propose to Shreya at the beautiful Point Loma Lighthouse in San Diego, CA. I knew it would be a beautiful day in San Diego, and was counting down the days until his master plan took place! 

This was an intricate proposal, and there were several parts to his plan. It also involved quite a few people! Daniel planned 5 stops along a trail where Shreya would be greeted by family members and friends that had different gifts and notes to give her. Because it was also her birthday, Shreya just thought Daniel was being extra sweet and didn’t realize what was going on until the very end. His plan worked perfectly!!! 

As she rounded the corner to the final stop on her quest, Shreya was greeted by a large group of family holding signs that spelled out “Will you marry me?” Swoon!!

And of course she said yes!!! Daniel & Shreya, congratulations again!!! And thank you for having me along for the fun!

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